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Transitioning from Assisted Living to Long-Term Care

Transitioning from AL to LTC

There’s a lot of talk about how to handle transitioning your loved one from home to assisted living—but what about from assisted living to long-term care? After all, it’s a fairly common transition that many seniors eventually face. As Paula Span writes in an article on assisted living for the New York Times, “however suitable assisted living … Continue reading Transitioning from Assisted Living to Long-Term Care

Importance of Pain Management

Pain Management

Everyone has a different pain threshold so they react differently. Doctors sometimes have a tough time finding the right balance between too much pain medication and too little. And with addiction rates nationwide on the rise, no physician wants to put a patient at risk. While it will be very important for you to work … Continue reading Importance of Pain Management

Laughter – The Best Medicine

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Dear Dori: My father recently moved to an assisted living community. After my mom passed away, he was isolated and lonely. He was even beginning to develop new health problems, most notably diabetes. While I know these are big life changes to adjust to all at once, I really miss seeing him smile and hearing him laugh. … Continue reading Laughter – The Best Medicine

What is Quality Income Trust?

What is Quality Income Trust

Dear Crystal: My parents have both had some serious health issues in recent years. I think in all likelihood, we will need to find a nursing home for them to move to in the very near future. My father is very unsteady on his feet and is falling quite often. Despite telling my mom over … Continue reading What is Quality Income Trust?

Intimacy & Aging

Intimacy and aging

Dear Lura: My mother passed away unexpectedly almost three years ago. Since that time, my dad has been pretty down. In the last few months, however, he’s started talking about dating again. I have to admit, I’m not wild about the idea. It’s hard to imagine him with someone other than my mom. They were … Continue reading Intimacy & Aging

Making Sense of the Medicare Rehab Benefit

Medicare Rehab Benefit

When a central Ohio senior you love is hospitalized for an illness or injury or planning for an upcoming surgery, understanding what Medicare will cover for rehab to help with their recovery is important. Older adults and adult children may not have had any experience using their Medicare benefit beyond physician appointments and outpatient testing until now. … Continue reading Making Sense of the Medicare Rehab Benefit