At Cranberry Park Clio, Exceeding expectations is simply the beginning

Independence for Residents

We understand that our residents are individuals with needs, wants, and desires. We help each resident maintain his or her individual identity by emphasizing the importance of maintaining an active social life.

Shaping Senior Health

The Cranberry Park team combines peerless expertise in geriatric care with a profound mission of compassion to build an enviable reputation in the industry. Employing dedicated career-oriented staff with the best credentials and most thorough training, we believe that exemplary healthcare can only be the product of vigilant attention to detail and a deep commitment to service.

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“The best place to have your loved one live. The care is phenomenal, with staff going the extra mile to make sure each resident is happy but most of all that they feel at home. All the aides, as well as the management team take care of business by the book, and all of them seem to love their work, as hard as it may be. Staff does an excellent job of explaining things that aren’t easily understood by someone who does not work in this field. They put the family and residents best interest first, ALWAYS! Would recommend to any and everyone!!!” – Matthew Lucier