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Jim & Vicki Burbulis
June 4
I just want to thank Debbie and Heather for all of their help in getting our mom over to ShorePointe village. We could not have been happier with her care there. – Becky Knipstein

Jim & Vicki Burbulis
June 4
My mother is 96 years old and is now a resident of ShorePointe Village (Assisted Living) for the past 6 months. Her move to ShorePointe Village, from her home in St. Clair Shores, was positive, encouraging, and a relatively smooth transition. ShorePointe Village “checked all the boxes” for us and my mother’s needs, especially since we live in another city (and a 4+ hour drive away!) The staff there is very approachable, reliable and very willing to ensure my mother’s well being, and, number one on our priority needs: “safety”. We also found the organization to be welcoming, unruffled and calm…attending to my mother’s needs and requests. My mother, I believe, has fit into the lifestyle and rhythm of ShorePointe Village. We have made it a priority as well, to be a very involved family and now consider the Village part of our “extended family”.

Nan C.
April 4
Thank you so much for all of your extra efforts to help Dad attend the Grosse Pointe Jewish Community Passover event on Saturday evening. Dad looked forward to it for more than a week and then had a great time! He said the driver, Gerry, was wonderful and that he was treated like a celebrity at the dinner. In addition to being able to participate in a long-held tradition, being able to attend gave him a sense of independence and continuity with his previous life. He could not have done it, without your support. We are VERY GRATEFUL.Dad’s spirits have been amazing recently. He keeps remarking that the staff is very “solicitous” and that he is really enjoying the activities. He is very proud of his room (which I know caused a bit of a commotion when he was getting settled) and from what I gather he is fitting in well. ShorePointe Village is fulfilling all my most optimistic hopes for Dad — foremost his care and safety — but also by offering companionship and social stimulation.

My brother and I deeply appreciate everything you have done, along with your professionalism and your warmth.

Loren L.
April 1
My mother lived at ShorePointe Village for the last year of her life and the care was extraordinary. Every person who works at the community takes pride in the resident’s care. The continuity of staff throughout the year was superb and of the aides were so competent, loving and thoughtful. Thank you for make my mother so welcome and comfortable.