• Shore Pointe Village


Neighborhood Floor Plans

There are 9 unique neighborhoods to choose from at the Village. Each neighborhood boasts its own sitting room, dining room, country kitchen and TV lounge that are shared by the residents of that particular neighborhood. Within each neighborhood, residents decorate to their discriminating tastes individual apartments that range from a 1-bedroom to a multi-room suite.

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SPV One Bedroom A&B
One Bedroom-A & BSPV One Bedroom A&B
SPV One Bedroom C&D
One Bedroom-C & DSPV One Bedroom C&D
SPV One Bedroom Classic
One Bedroom ClassicSPV One Bedroom Classic
SPV One Bedroom Deluxe
One Bedroom DeluxeSPV One Bedroom Deluxe
One Bedroom Handicap
SPV Two Bedroom
Two BedroomSPV Two Bedroom